LEGO Celebrates Paris With New Notre Dame and Mona Lisa Sets

Paris, France, will be the center of the world in 2024. The city is hosting the Summer Olympics this year for the third time in its history while also opening the doors of its iconic cathedral, Notre Dame, once again after it was renovated following a devastating fire in 2019.

Toymaker LEGO recently decided to celebrate Paris and it’s big 2024 with two new sets: Notre-Dame de Paris and Mona Lisa.

Notre-Dame de Paris set contains 4,383 pieces and allows LEGO enthusiasts to craft a faithful brick recreation of the cathedral as it was before the fire. It costs $229.99 at the official LEGO online store and is currently available for pre-order, with shipments beginning in early June.

“The set lets you recreate authentic details, like the bell towers, rose windows, and the central spire surrounded by statues. You can even remove the roof and towers to view the interior columns and arches inside,” says LEGO about the set.

Mona Lisa set, on the other hand, recreates the famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting in 3D alongside a golden frame. Consisting of 1,503 pieces, which is a reference to the year the painting was started, this recreation is using the lighter hue in order to capture the painting’s original color from 500 years ago. The set comes at a price of $99.99 and starts shipping in October.