Looking for Ways to Fill Up the Time? Why Not Try Crafting

With crafting a growing pastime amongst quarantiners around the world, online shops like Squish-n-Chips provide quality supplies that help fill up our time (and space) with wonder and charm. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, and run by crafter Orawee Choedamphai, the online shop provides anything from painted paper botanicals to handmade stationery sets, all handpicked and curated with special care.

With a background in textile and industrial design, Choedamphai enjoys experimenting with different materials, colors, and textures, combining different techniques such as watercolor, paper folding, and collage. “I’ve been making things since I was a child because my mom was always encouraging us,” she relayed in an interview with the Etsy blog. “Even if she was just baking, she might give us a little bit of dough so we could make our own version of bread. Now, I can’t not be making things, so of course, I have lots of supplies in my studio, and after a while, I started selling them along with my own designs.”

According to Choedamphai, it all started in April 2012, when she made a dinosaur pop-up card for her 3-year-old nephew who absolutely loved it. She went on to launch her business in July 2012, while still living in Oxford, UK, working from her bedroom and garden shed. Having moved back to her home town in Thailand, she decided to expand this business and added a range of carefully selected craft supplies and handmade hair accessories.

“I’ve always been drawn to textures and love running my hands over them,” says Choedamphai. “Generally, I won’t use a material if I don’t like how it feels, and I’m very picky.” According to Choedamphai, the handmade paper in Thailand, made from mulberry tree bark, has a rich texture to it – the sort of perfect imperfections she’s drawn to when choosing her materials.

Below you find some of the products she offers in her shop: