Lottie’s Makeup Looks Sparkle Hard

You know someone has truly made it when they go by their first name only. Meet self-made makeup artist, known simply as Lottie.

“My path was not a straight and easy one, I started wanting to be a graphic designer and in a roundabout way through an internship at a magazine for design I discovered that being a makeup artist was a real job outside of retail,” she said in an interview with the Reed Clarke blog. “From that point, I knew design was not my goal anymore and I did what I could to become a makeup artist.”

Working in fashion shows in New York, Milan, London, Miami, and Los Angeles; and collaborating with giants like Urban Decay, Benefit, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs – Lottie has clearly made it. She’s also worked with some of the world’s biggest celebs including Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, Paris Jackson, and Emilia Clarke, among many, many others.

Her Instagram page is just the beauty inspiration we needed for summer, with bright makeup looks and original takes on recent fashion trends. Neon eyeshadows? Check. Glossy makeup? Check. Glitter, and shine and everything bright? Check, check, check.