Lua is a Personified Planter That Will Inform You What Your Plant Needs

Houseplants are pretty much like pets, with the important exception that the former can’t express what they need, such as more water or more sun. As a result, many of us struggle to keep their beloved plants alive. Does it need more (water, fertilizer, sunlight), or perhaps a lot less? Can anyone read the mind of plants?  

The answer is – yes! To solve the problem of dying plants, a group of creatives designed Lua, a smart planter with a LED display that shows how the plant “feels” and its essential needs at the moment. 

To do that, Lua displays 15 different super-cute real-time animations. Lua’s ‘face’ will tell you if the plant is thirsty or feeling sick from too much water, if it needs more sunlight (let it sit in the dark for too long and it becomes a vampire!), or less sunlight, if it’s cold (Lua will sneeze if the temperature drops) or too hot. Six of the animations are directly related to your plant’s health, while the other nine, such as winking, sticking the tongue out and being grumpy, are meant to entertain.  

If all the needs are satisfied, Lua will display her happy face and brighten up your living room! How cool is that?