Meet Allan Dixon, the Animal Whisperer With the Best Animal Selfies

Animals take cool selfies too and this Irish animal whisperer proves it with all his selfies in the wild.

Allan Dixon is a photographer as well as an adventurer who loves animals. He travels to different locations and bonds with the animals he finds. Of course, he takes a selfie with each animal and the pictures are always heartwarming to watch.

Dixon has taken selfies with hundreds of animals. Some include quokkas, kangaroos, dogs, and many others.

Most people know him for his famous quokka selfie. He also created a video to teach other travelers how to take selfies with quokkas without scaring them.

From his pictures, you can tell that this animal whisperer loves animals. It is not surprising that so many of his fans refer to him as Doctor Dolittle.

Would you love to meet these adorable animals? See some of Dixon’s animal selfies in the gallery below. Which is your favorite?