Meet Feyi Fay – An African Fairy and Modern-Day Superhero With a Twist

Feyi Fay is a cheerful African fairy and modern-day superhero created by Simisayo Brownstone. According to Brownstone, many fictional books that are set in Africa are linked to a serious topic. The goal for Feyi Fay is to be fun and show a different side of the continent.

“Our goal,” according to the website, “is to merge fantasy with the playful side of Africa and infuse a little fun, color, and magic into the everyday things in life.”

Though life is difficult in many parts of Africa, there is also a lot of joy, laughter, creativity, development and so much more that we don’t see very often.

“I also believe that there are a lot of beautiful and interesting aspects to African culture and legends that people from all over the world can appreciate. And when I noticed how hard it was to find books that incorporated African culture in a light-hearted and fun way, I decided to write one,” Brownstone wrote on Bored Panda.

Her book is an illustrated chapter book series for children, featuring Feyi Fay, an African fairy who travels the world with the help of a magical app to help children of the world with their everyday problems such as bullying, making friends, etc.

Each series is packed with a magical adventure full of mystery, science fiction, suspense, humor, and life lessons. Though each story takes place in a different country, every book contains a touch of Nigerian culture, legends or folktales, that kids will surely adore.