Meet the YouTuber Who Makes Clothes Out of Literally Anything

Fashion design is usually considered high-end, luxurious, and unattainable – but Micarah Tewers is here to prove us that all it takes is a pair of scissors, needle, and thread, and just a little bit of imagination to become a fashion designer.

Micharah Tewers is an Ohio-born Youtuber and seamstress, with a special take on fashion design. While most designers go to high-end design schools and work with expensive fabrics, Micarah, who was homeschooled and decided to skip college, is all about working with what you’ve got. She often goes to thrift stores around her town to look for old clothes to upcycle, but has also made dresses and outfits out of random materials around her – the fabric of an old couch, her chickens’ feeding bags, even adult diapers!

Her technique is also unconventional, to say the least. Professional fashion designers usually have to be very precise with their designs – they either make a one-time outfit fir a high-profile personality, which has to be absolutely perfect, or they make a blueprint for mass production that has to be replicated over and over again. But Micarah isn’t a high-end fashion designer, and she makes her clothes for herself, which gives her quite a lot of freedom. She creates sketches with pancake batter, on a fridge, and even with nail polish. She doesn’t measure precisely, and she just goes along with each project and hopes for the best.

Still, her designs are stunning. They might not be fit for the New York fashion week, but their’ fun, and they’re easy to make. And that’s exactly her message – as long as you’re having fun, it doesn’t matter what materials you’re using.