Mom Uses Food Art to Teach Her Daughter About Holidays

Sindhu Rajan is a mom who together with her five-year-old girl uses plates as her canvases. The adorable duo makes food art to make mealtime more enjoyable. What began as a joke is now a daily mommy-daughter routine.

From Christmas trees to celebrating Friendship Day and 4th of July, Rajan and her daughter create adorable food plates to celebrate the biggest international holidays. In one of her creations, the mother made a yoga-inspired plate to celebrate international yoga day and to motivate her five-year-old to learn yoga.

“My kid loves to do yoga, especially it’s time for her nap, no matter if she is at school or at home,” shared Rajan on Bored Panda.”But the rest of the time she doesn’t want to do any yoga. I was trying to motivate her to learn Yoga with all these artworks!”

Scroll down and check out this adorable food art.