People Are Sharing Bizarre Experiences During Polar Vortex

Last week, parts of the Midwest have experienced the coldest temperatures in 20 years as the polar vortex took its full swing. The extreme weather conditions are severely changing the appearances of everything from food to entire rivers and lakes. And now people are sharing their bizarre and chilling experiences during polar vortex.

Chicago resident James David posted a photo of his “piping hot” bowl of spaghetti turning to a frozen solid when he took it out onto his apartment balcony. “Hurry up they said. Your food will get cold they said,” he wrote on Instagram.

A woman in Iowa got a shock of her life when she went outside with wet hair during this bitter climate.

Then a “Chiberia” resident saw his t-shirt got iced up after he took it outside for a few minutes. There’s also a woman who got her hot coffee transformed into snow after throwing it up in the air. Scroll down to see more of the scary chill of polarvortex posts.