People Try Their Best Not to Eat Food From Disney’s Movies

A while ago, popular YouTube channel REACT presented an interesting new series People Vs. Food. The series, which had since become fan favorite, features a number of people trying to resist iconic and delicious food from popular cartoons, TV shows, and movies prepared by the world’s most skillful chefs.

If they manage to resist their food cravings, the participants in the challenged get presented with a rare and special meal that no one else will get to taste. Those that cave have to face with an ultimate punishment that usually involves eating something gross.

The latest challenge in People Vs. Food series was especially tough for the participants since it featured food from Disney’s movies. Did they manage to resist the spinach puffs from The Emperor’s New Groove, beignets from The Princess and the Frog, pie from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs among other meals and was it worth it at the end? Find out in the video below.