Polish Artist Spray-paints Lace Motifs on Museums

Lace motifs beautify clothes in many ways. It is also used in interior decoration for curtains and tablecloths. It gives the home a completely different look.

Did you know that lace motifs can beautify buildings as well? This artist proves it. NeSpoon is a polish artist who took the time to create spray painted murals as well as textile installations, which are based on traditional lace motifs. All her public paintings are made on multi-story urban structures. The other yarn works by this artist are done close to passageways as well as trees to make them look like enlarged spider webs.

She did a recent piece for the Museum of Fine Art in Alencon France. It was based on the French lace makers design, which were pieces for the Emergence Festival in Sicily. It also includes textile installations across Armenia, Finland, Poland, and Germany.

Check out some of her amazing designs:

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Gdańsk @kolektyw_forum @yourartmaison / 2018

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