Studio 212 Fahrenheit Turns Birds Into Illustrations

Dutch design Studio 212 Fahrenheit creates a distinctive design for spaces, installations, products, and art. Founded by Albert Buring and Paul Mulder, the studio aims to give clients and viewers a wow experience to all their creations.

One of their projects, called BLOCBIRDS, was inspired by mother nature, giving tribute to the diverse beauty of birds particularly the 25 European species. The artwork translates the color and distinct feathers of birds into vibrant graphic illustrations.

“The amount of color, the variety, and relationship of these colors, as well as their positioning, give each bird its unique, characteristic plumage,” the studio shared.

The project took over a year and a half to make and it involved translating, with mathematical precision, the colored feathers of European birds into stunning illustrations using squares. To keep the birds recognizable, the group tried to find the perfect composition with the right amount of color with the intention of highlighting the beauty of ordinary birds.

The squares were displayed side by side in front of the birds they represent, allowing the viewers to explore the wide range of hues found in the natural world.

“The installation shows the 25 BLOCBIRDS, in front of them a display table which also has a square grid. Every square shows a stuffed bird which matches one of the BLOCBIRDS.”