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Talented Mom Goes Viral for Doing Kid-Friendly Covers of Popular Songs

We can all agree that there are plenty of popular songs that are not exactly suitable for kids. But one talented mom who goes...

Rogan Brown Creates Complex Paper Sculptures Inspired By Science

In the works of artist Rogan Brown, paper and art meet science and come together to produce astonishing results. Brown is known for his...

Artist Uses Squeegee to Create Abstract Paintings

We have seen artists using various methods and tools to apply paint to canvas and create a painting. However, the way artist Sharece does...

Citizens of New York City and Dublin Are Connected With New Portals

The citizens of New York City, New York, and Dublin, Ireland, can now interact and take a sneak peek into each other's lives through...
"Girl with Balloon" by Banksy.

“The Missing Balloon” Project is Selling 299 Banksy Fakes and 1 Original

A group of artists and art enthusiasts recently unveiled a project called The Missing Balloon, through which they want to explore the way society...

Just Fun

You Can Now Book the “Up” House and a “Purple Rain” Mansion on Airbnb

Have you ever fantasized about spending a night in the flying house from Pixar’s animated hit Up or exploring the mansion from Prince’s rock...

Everyday Objects Are Invaded By the Surreal in Marisa Adesman’s Still Life Paintings

Marisa Adesman is a St. Louis, Missouri-based artist who creates still life paintings that are unlike anything you have seen before. In her works,...
Portrait photograph of the French impressionist painter Claude Monet by Nadar

Claude Monet’s Haystacks Painting Expected to Sell for $30 Million at an Auction

After settling in the village of Giverny, France, impressionist painter Claude Monet used the countryside surroundings as an inspiration for some of his most...

ONIRO’s Mesmerizing Murals Show the Connection Between Nature and Humans

Being connected to nature is a human instinct. We turn to nature for water, food, and materials to make our lives easier. We also...

Artist Creates Sad, Silly Comics for Sad, Silly People

Looking for a new source of daily chuckles? Then you definitely need to check out the one-panel comics Bummer Party. While their creator, an...