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Scarecrow Photography

Photographer Uses Unique Self-Portraits to Shed Light on Japan’s Depopulation Problems

The world's first and only scarecrow photographer and creator, Chika Usui is also now a Goodwill Ambassador for Okuharima Scarecrow village.

These Quirky Ceramic Vases Are Shaped Like Silly Dogs

The art of interior design doesn't have to take itself too seriously. A playful ceramic set is a great and easy way...

Cosplayer Spends 1,000 Hours Crafting Incredibly Detailed Anubis Costume

Modern 3D printing technology is making cosplay more accessible than ever before, giving designers the opportunity to turn their passion into a...

These Tattoos Were Inspired by Picasso’s Inked Portraits

Berlin-based tattoo artist Daisy Watson was an illustrator long before she picked up a tattoo machine. Inspired by Picasso’s inked portraits, Cocteau’s...

This Cute Golden Retriever is Inseparable From His Favorite Stuffed Toy

We know that every dog likes to have a toy to play with once in a while, but today we’re going to meet an...

Just Fun

Artist Creates Beautiful Ceramics With Miniature Faces On It

Los Angeles-based artist Rami Kim focuses her work primarily on sculptural and functional ceramic objects. She started a series of blob" sculptures,...
Crocheted Dogs

Creative Artist Creates Crocheted Versions of Dogs

Who here can't stand to be away from their canine buddies? We all probably can't.

Jose Parla Stuns With Abstract Expressionism Entangled With Street Art

A symbiosis of abstract expressionism and street art defines the work of the Cuban-American artist and painter José Parlá.
Pet Pokemon Cards

Artist Turns Pets Into Geeky Pokemon Cards

Part of the reason why the Pokemon franchise has been so successful over the past few decades is because of the Pokemon...

From Basic to Artistic: These Wallpapers Will Elevate Your House

Adding wallpaper to your walls is an easy (and relatively cheap) way to upgrade your interior design game. And if it's a...