Teen Makes Cheer Packages to Put a Smile On Sick People’s Faces

Caroline is a 16-year-old girl from Maine, US with a huge heart. Since last year, she has been making Cheer Packages for people with life-threatening diseases. According to her post on Bored Panda, her first cheer package went to a young girl who was battling neuroblastoma.

“I’ve always wanted to make people happy,” Caroline said. “When the girl received the package, her response was the sweetest and cutest thing. I knew I wanted to make more.”

And she did. “I sent a couple more cheer packages, and then decided to make this into an actual organization – Caroline’s Cheer Packages. “For every package, I ask the recipient what their favorite character is. I draw that character on the card and weave a friendship bracelet in the color scheme of that character.”

She hopes that one day she could register Caroline’s Cheer Packages into an official nonprofit organization. Alongside with her Instagram and Facebook page, Caroline has also launched a GoFundMe where all the donations will go towards the care packages.

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