The Infamous ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Has Been Unveiled In Australia

In 2017, the Fearless Girl statue by artist Kristen Visbal gained fame when she was placed against the Wall Street’s Charging Bull in New York City. In December 2018, the original statue was moved to face the New York Stock Exchange.

Recently, another reproduction of the infamous bronze statue has been unveiled in Melbourne, Australia. This time it was placed in the city’s Federation Square and was unveiled by the artist herself. Like to original statue, the Fearless Girl replica aims to inspire women and girls to find courage in the face of discrimination.

“The arrival of our very own Fearless Girl in Victoria is a reminder that we must continue to build a better world for future generations of women,” Gabrielle Williams, Victorian minister for women, said in a press statement.

“We need to tackle pay gaps, increase the number of women in leadership positions, provide flexible work environments and ensure girls and young women have strong female role models they can look up to.”

“Many workplaces in Australia still have a long way to go in acting on gender equality and the impacts of this don’t stop at work,” Jacob Varghese, Maurice Blackburn CEO, said in a press statement.

“In unveiling Fearless Girl for the first time here in Australia we hope to establish a powerful reminder that we must continue to fight to change our workplaces for the better in delivering equality.”