These Architectural Drawings Are Inspired by Music and Cosmology

Benjamin Sack is an artist from Virginia who creates impressive architectural drawings with just pen and paper. Sack draws astonishing cityscapes, urban architecture, and maps with his work being characterized by great attention to details and complexity.

Sack draws both real and imaginary cities, taking inspiration from musical compositions as well as history, cartography, and cosmology. His pieces range from small drawings to large-scale works, which can be over 12-feet long and take up to nine months to complete.

Sack’s drawings usually start with a general concept, which he then expands while blending the real with imaginary.

“Each piece is a journey, going into different worlds and seeing different things,” Sack explains. “Little details may be recognizable, but they’re built on top of something indefinable.”

So far, Sack has exhibited his works across the United States, while also having solo exhibitions in Italy and Mexico. Check out some of them below.