Viral: Artists Draw Celebs Based Only On Description

The Drawfee Channel is a YouTube channel created by writer and illustrator Nathan Yaffe and Caldwell Tanner. According to them, it is “an interactive comedy drawing experience where viewers can watch their dumb ideas become even dumber drawings before their very eyes.”

Each episode showcases the artists’ creativity. Some episodes were based on the viewers’ comments while others involve games and challenges like drawing from memory or drawing celebrities based only on description.

Recently, two of their videos went viral, in which you can see the artists (Nathan, Jacob, and Julia) trying their best to draw famous people using only a description.

They called it a “criminal sketch artist challenge,” where one of them describes the celebrity to someone doing the sketch, then the third one will guess the name of the celebrity based on the drawing. It may seem easy at first but the videos showed how they struggle to draw and watching the entire process is simply hilarious.