These Colorful Illustrations Are Inspired by Pop Culture Motifs

Fernando Nunes is a talented artist from Brazil who draws colorful illustrations in a unique style. His works are usually inspired by pop culture motifs and the world that surrounds him.

Nunes started drawing since a young age, and thanks to the support of his artistic family, he managed to turn that into an art career. He is currently working as an independent illustrator and designer, doing both commission work and visual art.

According to Nunes, his works start as a rough paper and pencil sketch, which doesn’t contain many details, but hints at the overall idea of the piece. He then polishes the sketch with art software and brings out his vision of the final product.

“I try to find the meaning of unimaginable and exaggerated, I like to explore the fantasy and the things that are not yet known, taking as inspiration the aspects and movements that Nature provides us,” Nunes says.

Check out some of his works below.

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