These Embroidery Artists Draw Inspiration Directly From Nature

Mother Nature has forever been a source of inspiration when it comes to visual arts. But it seems like embroidery and textile artists, in particular, have always been drawn to the textures and colors of the natural world. Using thread and needle, these artists capture the essence of the world around us in magnificent detail, teaching us, in turn, to treat our environment with kindness and caution.

Here are some of our favorite embroidery artists on Instagram who recreate plants, flowers, and even mushrooms with amazing results.

Amanda Cobbett

First on the list is the award-winning textile artist Amanda Cobbett, which quite literally took our breath away with her realistic rendition of the forest floor. Mushrooms, moss, and discarded pieces of wood are made using stitch, papier mache, and pyrography. Machining approximately 130,000 individual stitches a day, her 3-dimensional, papier mache, and machine-embroidered sculptures, highlight the beauty and diversity that exists in the undergrowth.

Brannon Addison

Brannon Addison creates one-of-a-kind pieces that revolve around plants and flowers. Based in Durango, Colorado, she admits that there’s always something outdoors that catches her eye. “With each piece, I have a general concept in mind, but I don’t work with a template or pattern,” she admits. “All of my embroidery work is freehand, and I find beauty in the unknown of how a piece will turn out.”

Fleur Woods

Fleur Woods takes a different approach altogether with her stitched paintings. The New Zealand based artist uses fabric, gouache, and embroidery, to create her original pieces that are inspired by the natural world. Something you’d want to hang above your sofa to light up the room.