These Museums Have the Most Amazing Architecture

Museums are some of the most important cultural monuments. Although there are numerous museums around the world that are incredibly well-designed, these are the most famous and most beautiful of them all.  

The Louvre 

The Louvre is a proper example of old and new architecture. It was last renovated in 1983, when President Mitterrand entrusted the architect I. M. Sing to design a new entrance for the museum. 

However, it was Pei who created the pyramid that takes visitors to the museum’s illuminated underground lobby. Its concept was approved and construction was completed in 1989. Since then, the pyramid has been a universal symbol of the popular museum. 

The Guggenheim Museum 

In 1991 the Solomon R. Foundation Guggenheim decided to open a new Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Frank Gary was in charge of the design. Seeking inspiration in the local landscape, Frank imagined an exterior framing a world-shaped atrium.  He used glass, stone, and titanium which fit in perfectly with the industrial environment of the museum. Since its opening in 1997, the building has received many positive reviews. 

The Niteroi 

This museum is one of the most famous attractions in Rio. The floating structure in the form of a flying saucer is one of Oscar Niemeyer’s most amazing works. This incredible white concrete structure was completed in 1996 and the construction took five years.