These Skull-Shaped Toilet Bowl Can Be Your Cool New “Water Throne”

Image via waterthrone/Instagram

Want to take your toilet experience to a whole new level? Maybe not, but plumber-turned-innovator Claude Somajini believes he can convince you to do it.

Somajini designed probably one of the coolest toilet bowls on the market. It is shaped like a skull, comes in all sorts of vibrant and quirky designs, and boasts an impressive list of additional perks.

According to Somajini, the Water Throne toilet bowl took three years to develop and was made by using twenty-four molds. It has a rimless design, allowing the water to circle in an innovative way, cleaning more bacteria than the traditional one. But this is only the beginning.

To add more fun to your whole experience, Water Throne also comes with built-in speakers, an LED system, Bluetooth connection, and its own battery system. On top of that, you can fully customize the look of the Water Throne. This includes picking out the color scheme and having a customized flush button.

Water Throne comes at a price of around $2100 for its basic design, while the add-ons and customization options are charged extra. While you are thinking about getting one, check out the best and most daring designs below.