This Artist Makes Adorable Miniature Indoor Plants

Honey.thistle is the pseudonym of a girl named Wei who can’t seem to keep plants alive, so she made her dream indoor garden out of art materials.

She describes herself as a constant crafter and general animal enthusiast and she hopes to become an awesome artist and teacher one day. Wei grew up in a house full of plants, however, when she moved out she realized she was a plant “killer.”

“But I still very much love plants and gardening (about half of my vacation photos are of other peoples’ gardens…), so I decided to create my own out of paper, polymer clay, and a bunch of other art supplies I have lying around,” the artist shared with Bored Panda.

In addition to miniature plants, Wei also makes tiny animals, furniture, and other adorable creatures. If you are interested in seeinf her mini gardens, check out her Instagram page, or have a look at her Etsy store where she sells all of her creations.