This Bot Will Add a Touch of Magic to Your Twitter Feed

The internet is full of bots – there’s no denying that. And most of us probably don’t have too many good things to say about them, and for good reason — they’re usually used to spread misinformation and malice over the web. But bots can be a force for good and spread magic – like the Twitter bot Tiny Star Field.

Once every few hours, this bot tweets a tiny field of stars that appear in the feed of its 130k users. It was created a few years ago by  Katie Rose Pipkin, a 30-year old artist, and programmer from Austin, Texas.

Though Katie had some experience with code from her university days, her real interest in bots started after graduation, during a long-term artist residency in Minnesota. Being so far away from anyone she knew and with no way to get around easily, she spent most of her days indoors and online. She started following other interesting bots, and slowly learned that each had their own personalities, characteristics, and patterns. Eventually, she decided to set up her own bot and came up with Tiny Starfield.