This Illustrator Doodles with Shadow

Sometimes we have to slow down, take a step back and enjoy the incredible world we live in. Vincent Bal’s creations are here to help us do just that.

Bal is a Belgian-born filmmaker and artist famous for his fun, playful doodles. While most illustrators expect the viewers to just sit back and enjoy their art, Vincent had something else in mind when he started his series, known as Shadowlogy – he wanted to get the viewers involved, and turn his art into a game.

Vincent’s doodles are made of ink on paper, but they aren’t complete on their own. They’re drawn around shadows cast by everyday objects and only work as long as the item that casts the shadow is placed above them. Once this object is removed, the magic is gone – and the doodle becomes incomprehensible.  

Vincent draws inspiration from everything around him. A discarded toy can become the face of a villain, a glass can turn into a lady’s skirt. If it casts a shadow – it can be used for a doodle. Vincent shares his doodle on his Instagram account, but they’re not just doodles – he shares tiny video snippets that show the entire process. First comes the doodle, and that Vincent places the object to complete it. It’s a game just as much as it is art – and it’s so much fun!