This Miniature Pottery by Hamish Bassett is Adorable

Hamish Bassett is a ceramic artist from Australia who creates the most adorable miniature pottery. Despite their size, which often ranges from 0.4 inches to 1.5 inches, these pieces pack a lot of details and give an impression that they are regular pottery that has just been shrunk down with the use of some kind of magic.

Bassett runs a ceramics studio, Tiny Pots Melbourne, which he started in 2020. Fascinated by pottery, he started it as a hobby while working full-time as a 3D animator. In 2022, Bassett realized he found a lot of joy in his miniature pottery and decided to focus entirely on growing his studio.

Interestingly, Bassett follows traditional pottery techniques when it comes to creating his miniatures. The only difference is that he uses a miniature pottery wheel instead of the regular one. 

“Every pot I make is a one-off design, and I aim to make each pot hold the same level of detail as a regular-sized piece of tableware. I want to give the impression that each pot has been shrunk down to a miniature version of itself,” Bassett shares.

Bassett exhibits his works in handmade markets and galleries while also sharing his newest pieces on social media. Continue scrolling to check out more of them below.