This Twitter Thread Will Add Music to Your Day

Hugh Grant in "Love Actually"

Lewis Wake is an Edinburgh-based musician who is best known for his DJ skills that got him on the bills of various European festivals. But when he is not lighting up the festival crowd, Wake dedicates a lot of his time to his other passion; digital design. Sometimes, however, Wake combines bot of his passions to an amazing result.

Wake recently captured the attention of social media users with an intriguing thread that he started on Twitter. As part of the thread, this talented musician/designer shared clips that featured iconic dance scenes from movies mixed with popular songs of the same tempo.

Some of Wake’s mixes included putting Billie Eilish’s “bad guy” on top of Hugh Grant’s dance scene from Love Actually and combining Willy Wonka’s dancing bit from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.”

These clips ended up becoming hugely popular, with Wake’s followers and other Twitter users praising the content and saying that they have enjoyed it. Check out more of them below.

Mamma Mia! vs Nelly Furtado

13 Going on 30 vs Spice Girls

La La Land vs Wham!

Chicago vs Katy Perry

IT vs Outkast

Spider-Man 3 vs 50 Cent

Austin Powers vs Taylor Swift