This Woman Compares Instagram Photos With Reality and It’s Hilarious

To have Instagram-perfect photos, you’ll need to consider not just the perfect angle, framing, and lighting, but also filters and Photoshop. Many people take a lot of effort just to achieve these Instagram-worthy photos and take so much time just to edit one picture.

These incredible photos fill our newsfeed every day and it can transport us to a world where fantasy and magic exist. But in real life, these photos can make us miserable and envious of others who we believe have a perfect life.

But, we all know that there’s no such thing as a perfect world and some people prove that these high standards are unrealistic. Kim Britt from Switzerland is one of those people who showed her followers that most of the things you see on Instagram are not real.

She takes side-by-side photos of herself, showing the same situation in a perfect Instagram world and in real life. She illustrates the comparison in a very hilarious way and people love her posts. Check out below.