This Woodworker Makes Insane Cabinets!

There aren’t a lot of people today who make their living creating handmade items of any kind – be it furniture or clothes. Buyers today prefer to shop online and to get what they can for the lowest price and as fast as possible, and craftspeople just can’t keep up with the costs and paces of fast fashion and mass-produced items. But those who keep going create incredible things.

Henk Verhoeff is a woodworker from Auckland, New Zealand, with years of experience and a wacky sense of humor. He’s been creating wooden cabinets with a twist – they all look damaged, distorted or broken, like cabinets out of a Disney movie. 

I would like to share another piece too 😊 I love this one!

Posted by One Of A Kind Woodwork Creations By Henk on Saturday, February 29, 2020

They are, of course, fully functional cabinets. Henk puts in lots of thought and effort to give each creation its own special look and still make it a working cabinet that can be used for storage.

Henk was creating these pieces for his own enjoyment until his kids decided the world should know about his talent. They created a FB page for him and photos of his work, and it went completely viral! Almost 30 thousand people responded and praised the beautiful work. Henk was overwhelmed and so grateful for the response, and has been sharing his works through the page ever since. He’s now working on setting up a delivery system so that he could sell his works. Check out so of them down below!