These Watercolor Paintings Unveil the Beauty of South African Wildlife

Image via sujaysanan/Instagram

South Africa-based artist Sujay Swadi Sanan has always been fascinated by the beauty of the natural world and by showing his appreciation, he creates beautiful drawings about our planet.

His latest art series called A Place I know, documents landscapes seen through the animals that inhabit them. “Some of the places I have painted are familiar and close to where I live, while in others I have found myself as a momentary visitor. While these works document what I fear might be lost, they are also filled with optimism,” his website reads.

Sanan grew up in the Himalayas but now lives in Cape Town. His artworks are a way to explore his surroundings while bringing awareness to the increasing climate change and its effects on wildlife. The series consists of watercolor paintings of “wild spaces contiguous with urban environments around the Western Cape.”

Check out Swadi’s art below: