Willow Artist Creates Stunning Outdoor Sculptures

Anna and the Willow is a willow work studio based in North Yorkshire, England. She makes baskets, decors, and sculptures, all handcrafted using English willow.

Anna always had a passion for art. She started working with the natural material ten years ago on a sculpting course then went on to learn various techniques of basketry. She loves using the traditional skills but added a contemporary twist to the process. She works with six varieties of English willow grown in Yorkshire and Somerset.

Though she crafts a variety of beautiful willow baskets and small gifts, her life-size sculptural work brings the traditional technique to a new level. First, the outdoor piece is planned with hand-drawn sketches before being formed with steel frames. Then the artist wraps them with layers of woven willow rods, revealing their incredible figures.

Her sculptures are placed among nature, looking as if they have grown from the forest floor. Check out her amazing creations below.