Woman Breaks Up With Boyfriend and Travels Across America With Her Dog

For many of us when we get out of relationships we end up sitting around and moping, but for Sydney Ferbarche that’s exactly what she didn’t do. After she dumped her boyfriend, the 24-year-old decided to travel all over America. Ferbarche quit her 3 jobs and now works full-time on the road with her laptop.

Ferbarche is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana and her mission is to show women that they can travel on the road by themselves or in her case with a cute companion animal.

The van lifestyle wasn’t a spur of the moment thing for Febarche, she worked three jobs for two months to save up enough money to buy a van. Along the way, she got an adorable Golden Retriever, Ella, and the two have kept busy, traveling to over 20 states!

“I’ve never woken up once in the last year and not felt like this isn’t exactly what I should be doing. I don’t foresee anywhere in the near future where I want to stop, but I also don’t want to hold myself to this idea that I have to be on the road,” she told Insider.