17-Year-Old Dresses Barbie Dolls in High Fashion

Barbie dolls were a major part of most girls’ childhood. While they come in many styles and with plenty of clothes to choose from, some young ladies prefer to make their own little outfits for their favorite dolls.

17-year-old Caroline Helsen is one of them. She started sewing custom clothes for her dolls when she and her sister were younger. Today, she’s a model and runs the Instagram page McCarbie, where she shares photos of her Barbies dressed copying outfits from the runways.

“I started making doll clothes when I was 13 years old, at the time me and my younger sister still played with dolls,” Caroline says says. “We really disliked all the pink, glittery outfits the Barbies wore, so I started making cooler outfits that reflected more what I wanted to wear, designer outfits. I taught myself how to sew and with a lot of patience I ended up sewing the way I do now.”