Treat Your Nails to Gracie J’s Designs

Nail technicians on Instagram tend to take the term “nail art” quite literally, but even among nail artists, Gracie J’s work stands out, providing us with the perfect manicure inspiration for summer… If we’re feeling bold enough, that is.

We’re ready to step up our fashion game with the latest nail art trends. While a fresh, minimal manicure is always welcome, this summer is all about bold designs, neon colors, and eye-popping patterns.

“I derive inspiration from other places, from all kinds of artists, like jewelry designers,” said J in an interview with Coveteur. “But sometimes I just have an idea that pops in my head.” Such ideas include modern art-inspired nails, sculpted nails that incorporate jewelry, and even letter-shaped nails.

According to J, her passion is linked to her childhood, and more specifically her mother: “My mom is a very flashy person; she always had her nails done,” she noted. “If we’re going to a simple BBQ, she’ll wear a gypsy skirt and shirt with chains—she’s the flashy Haitian mom.”

Growing up in Haiti also meant attending a school that maintained a strict regime when it comes to your nails: “I also went to school in Haiti for a little while when I was younger, and they would line you up and check your hygiene, including your nails,” says J. “They would send you home if it wasn’t up to par.”

Currently based in New York City, J is the former Lead Nail Stylist for TNT’s critically-acclaimed television series CLAWS. And with over 90,000 followers on Instagram, she isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. If you’re looking to upgrade your fashion style, start here!