3 Mesmerizing Psychedelic Artists You Need to Check Out

With its crazy colors, mysterious vibe and intricate details, psychedelic art has long rejoiced as one of the most authentic expressions of the inner spiritual world of humans. Drawing influences from folklore, optical illusions, and geometry, this intense type of art represents a special kind of surrealism, one imbued with rich feelings, dreams, hidden meanings, and symbols, visually penetrating our psyche to leave its mark on our journey of self-discovery.

Nowadays, psychedelic art is created in many ways, using all kinds of materials and original mediums, and the niche is growing stronger than ever. Scroll down to meet some of the most exciting psychedelic artists of our time!

Hannah Yata

Yata is a master of mixing popular aesthetics with entrancingly bizarre details, creating work that is both uniquely beautiful and grotesque and which explores the dramatic duality existing in each one of us.

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Slithering… wrippling… watery… Birth 🌱

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The creator of MXLXTXV regularly clashes reality with fantastical, terrifying themes, with the result being a psychedelic dream-like universe where pretty much anything can happen.

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commission for @thady_not_daddy

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Archan Nair

Nair, a self-taught artist who specializes in illustrations and digital art, makes art that’s deliciously enjoyable, intricate and mind-blowingly colorful, with the aim of connecting various dimensions of the human experience.