Banksy Paints a New Mural in London

Famous street artist Banksy recently painted a new mural in Finsbury Park, London. The mural contains big splashes of green paint alongside a stencil of a person holding a sprayer.  

The beauty of Banksy’s new mural, which popped up over the weekend, is in the way it interacts with its surroundings. It was painted on a building wall behind a pruned tree, with the splashes of green paint essentially replacing the cut foliage.

The confirmation that the mural was indeed created by Banksy came from the artist himself. He shared a post on Instagram that shows photos of the wall before it was painted and photos of the finished artwork.

BBC reached out to the building owner Alex Georgiou, who said that the building is currently vacant and available for rent. He intends to keep the mural, Banksy’s first confirmed new piece in 2024, on the wall for people to enjoy.

“The question is, what do I do with it now? What am I meant to do with it now? I definitely plan on keeping it on there and letting people enjoy it, everyone’s loving it which is great, I just can’t really believe it, still, to be honest,” Georgiou told BBC.