Artist Ingeniously Transforms Everyday Liquids Into Stunning Art

Unusual creations are always easily recognized by people who are instantly drawn to fresh, new voices and Aravis Dolmenna’s photos and illustrations are nothing less than that. While she was drawing and painting for pleasure her entire life, after becoming a mother her creativity and inspiration to make art that will sew together real and imaginary worlds was even greater. 

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C is for coffee my big weakness #ru_letterc_19

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Dolmenna’s images are carefully crafted, using only natural lighting and liquids such as milk, coffee, sugar, egg yolks and sometimes even fruits and vegetables. But what she is really famous for is her authentic technique which allows her to create art using drops of water. Her “water art” got so much attention from the world that it was lauded in the Huffington Post and French magazines and even appeared in Indian newspapers and Japanese media. 

Her work reminds us how thinking outside of the box can find beauty in everyday ordinary things and transform them into pieces of art. For example, a spilled glass of milk on a black background becomes a zebra, chopped kiwi becomes a turtle, and waterdrops on a bathroom mirror become a child’s footprint. And so much more!

Scroll down to enjoy her playful images.