Man Picks Up His Cat From the Street to Take it Home, He Finds Out it is Already There

A funny thing recently happened to Brazilian cat owner, Edwin Tarcisio. He noticed his cat Kush on the street and decided to bring it back into his apartment, thinking it had escaped somehow. When he got there, he realized Kush never left its home and that he was actually holding Kush’s doppelganger.

This amusing scene was captured in a viral video posted on TikTok by Tarcisio’s roommate Ariel Araujo.


Catou um gato na rua pensando que era o dele 😂😂😂

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After the video spread on social media, The Dodo contacted Araujo to learn more about the background of the story.

According to Araujo, he and Tarcisio were hanging out at a bar near their apartment when they noticed a cat they thought was Kush. Worried that the cat might get lost, Tarcisio picked it up and headed back home. 

Araujo was the first one to enter the apartment and figured out that Kush was already there. He quickly took out his phone and started recording, recognizing the comic nature of the situation.

After realizing there had been a mix-up, Tarcisio took the cat back onto the street. It turns out that Kush’s look-alike belongs to their neighbors, who are more than happy to let the cat explore a bit, considering they live in a gated community.