87-Years-Old’s Face Lights Up Every Time He Opens the Door and Sees His Granddaughter

Jennifer Barclay from Scotland has the most adorable grandfather in the world. The 87-years-old granddad’s face lights up every time he opens his door and realizes his beloved granddaughter came to visit.

The greetings were so heartwarming and full of love, that she decided to make an adorable video compilation of her grandfather’s reactions to her arriving at his house.

“I try to visit him once a week,” Barclay told Good Morning America. “On a normal visit, we have a cup of tea and a catch-up. I just filmed him because I loved his reaction to seeing me.”

Her granddad Robert lives with her grandmother Mary, and the two had been married for 60 years. The cute video, which she shared on Twitter, has been watched over 8 million times and liked by more than 620,000 people. Barclay has since created an Instagram account called the.grandad.diaries where she shares her beloved grandfather’s adventures.