Add a Splash of Color to Your Life with Morag Myerscough’s Art

Say what you say about Morag Myerscough’s colorful installations, you can’t call them boring. Her bold graphic designs can transform the banalest of places into a vibrant universe.

“I don’t like calling what I do a style,” she told Creative Boom. “I have an approach to my work that I have developed over many years in response to doing things I have not enjoyed and want to get more fulfillment from what I do.”

Adding a colorful touch to places like hospital wards and playgrounds,
she explores the many ways that color, pattern, and words can change urban environments.

“I will artwork every piece of pattern and text,” she shared. “With the large structures, I often collaborate with Luke Morgan on the structures, furniture, and interactions. I work with structural engineers, building contractors, scaffolders, tilers, clients or project managers, depending on the requirements for the project.”

“When I am painting a large-scale project I will call on a team of painters who I have shown my way of painting and they are paid and come and help me in the studio,” she added. “I am very particular and disciplined with the painting as it is often very complex, like a massive jigsaw.”

Take a look!