Add Some Color to Your Life With DQ’s Illustrations

Chinese-born, US-based illustrator, Diyou Wu (known online as Decue Wu or DQ), focuses on fashion illustration, lifestyle, and editorial work. Currently working as an illustrator for the hospitality service brokerage company Airbnb, Wu also runs an Etsy shop where she offers prints, cards, and pins of her illustrated works.

Talking about her inspiration with VoyageLA, Wu said: “I have been influenced by my mixed culture and languages, includes Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hakk. I was a very curious child, but also easy to give up on things. I have taken piano classes, Taekwondo, Chinese traditional ink calligraphy, drawing, and dancing… but drawing has been the only passion that’s remained constant.”

“I feel so grateful for my parents who always support me in throughout my passions and hobbies,” she added. “They encourage me to pursue my art dreams and have always been proud of what I do.”

It’s a good thing she pursued her dream, as her illustrations are very much charming.