Ali Beckman Creates Entertaining Illustrations Using Real Insects

Most people get annoyed or even grossed out when they see an insect. But for artist Ali Beckham, insects represent a life-long passion and source of inspiration for creative work.

Beckham uses real insects as the main characters in her popular series of entertaining illustrations. The series includes amusing cartoons, funny puns, and deep-thinking comics, and all of them incorporate bees, ants, flies, and other insects in some way.

It is important to note that Beckman doesn’t kill insects to use them in her works. According to the artist, all of the insects that make it to her illustrations are either purchased dead, donated dead to her by other people, or found dead in nature.

Beckman, who was always fascinated by insects, initially started making insect-themed art as a hobby. She later decided to share some of it on Instagram and received positive feedback from social media users. This encouraged her to keep creating, and it led to a mega-popular Instagram page @soflytaxidermy that is currently followed by almost 180k people.

This isn’t a surprise, as Beckman’s works are entertaining to both insect lovers and people who are not fond of them. Let’s check out more of them below.