Alice Isaac’s Art Is a Wonderful Mash-Up of Sorts

Alice Isaac describes herself as an image-maker and animator. Based in South East London, her diverse background within the worlds of fashion, editorial, illustration, and animation makes for a messy but delightful effect.

And just like her messy images, so is Isaac’s creative process disorderly. “I don’t feel like I really have a consistent process, everything I work on is so different,” she told Inky Goodness. “The only thing that I really try to do for every job is research and mood boarding – although this is entirely dependant on how much time I have,  the depth of that research can be a very quick hour to a week’s worth of prep.”

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Each job demands a different stylistic approach. Sometimes her work includes hand-making collages, cutting stuff out, and sticking it down physically; other times its all completely digital but more often than not its a mash-up of the two approaches.

This colorful mash-up caught the attention of clients like Reebok, Nike, Prada, and Adidas, amongst others. “I always say my style was kind of born out of necessity,” says Isaac. “When I first took the leap away from production I had minimal skills, I was ok at Photoshop, I could open After Effects. But technically I was a total beginner. My style is pretty low fi because my skills were pretty low fi, collage is also a great medium to work with if you can’t draw that well!”

Take a look at some of her work in the gallery below: