Niharika Rajput Makes Incredible Miniature Paper Birds

Using custom-built wire armature, Niharika Rajput creates incredible hand-made paper birds. She makes every part by hand, even the feathers, starting with a structural plan that enables her to know how each project will go until the very end.

Rajput makes paper birds because she wants to spread awareness of endangered species that may not exist soon. Her process is incredibly detailed. She starts by studying the anatomy of a bird she wants to make and makes sure to get it right down to the littlest details. 

She finds it almost impossible to completely replicate the sophisticated designs nature creates, but she does her best. “I have taken this project on, to reach that level of perfection which can be applauded with a great sense of wonder by my audience and also acts as a reminder of what’s out there and needs to be protected,” she told This is Colossal.

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