This French Cat Was Born with Two Faces – And They’re Equally Purrfect

Most of us prefer staying away from two-faced people, but what about cats with this same trait? Well, it turns out they can be pretty adorable, at least judging by viral star Amazing Narnia!

This adorable kitty was born in 2017, and it didn’t take too long for the entire world to take notice. Her photos made the rounds online after animal photographer Jean-Michel Labat shared them with the world, and Narnia has gained over 200.000 Instagram followers since.

The exact cause of her unusual condition is still unknown, but other cats with similar mutations are known as chimeras. This condition is caused by two embryos fusing together and containing two types of DNA in a single organism.

Narnia’s owners picked a perfect name to match her outwardly appearance, and we wish it was possible to walk inside a closet and stumble upon a kitty as adorable as this one. This double-faced cat is truly one of a kind and its two different sides make for one pretty purrfect creature.