Andrés Reisinger Dresses Buildings of Major Cities in Pink

Digital artist Andrés Reisinger recently presented an intriguing series of digital artworks titled “Take Over”. In the series, Reisinger “dresses” buildings of major cities in pink drapes and pink fuzzy covers.

For “Take Over” artworks, Reisinger takes viewers to the streets of Tokyo, London, Paris, and New York, among other cities. He invites them to experience the cities in a way they haven’t experienced before, but that still seems familiar and inviting.

The way Reisinger dresses the architecture of the cities that serve as subjects of his works mimics their reputation. For example, Paris has simple and sleek pink sheets that follow the outlines of its buildings. London has elegant drapes, while New York City is donning oversized fuzzy coverings.

In a recent interview, Reisinger explained that he believes digital art is “an expansion of our physical experiences.” This is an approach that he takes when creating his own art.

“At first glance, [my works] are pleasing to the eye, but on a second, more attentive look, they feature elements of oddity,” he shared with Wallpaper. “It is important for every component of the work to be noticed, and for it to happen in a world overwhelmed with visual stimuli, it needs a discrete element of oddity.”

You can check out more of Reisinger’s “Take Over” works below.