You’ll Love These Witty and Ridiculous Cartoons By Quatsch

Dieter Bevers, aka Quatsch, is a cartoonist from Belgium who decided to put together his artistic skills and great sense of humor to create a series of witty and often ridiculous cartoons.

Quatsch Cartoons cover a wide range of subjects, which is one reason why they found a devoted fanbase on social media. They are inspired by the human world, animal world, and natural world, with sci-fi elements also being a big part of his works. 

Another thing that makes Quatsch Cartoons stand out is Bevers’ tendency to go over the top with his cartoons. His works often feature absurd situations and strange characters, including aliens, pickles, trees, and dinosaurs. The addition of smart humor to the equation results in some comedy gold.

Speaking with Bored Panda recently, Bevers revealed that he has no trouble finding new ideas for his works. However, since creating cartoons isn’t his primary occupation, he has a hard time turning them into reality.

“Getting ideas to draw, that’s not difficult: I always have (way) more ideas than time to work them out. It is always the lack of time that frustrates me,” he shared.

We hope Bevers will be able to dedicate himself to making these awesome cartoons full-time one day. Until then, enjoy some of his best works below.