Artist Brings Our Favorite Cartoon Characters to Life

If you ever dreamed of meeting your favorite cartoon character in person, this dream might actually turn into reality.

Artist Miguel Vasquez from California is transforming animated characters into human-sized 3D figures. Don’t get your hopes up, however, because they aren’t as pretty as we’d like them to be.

While unbelievably realistic and even amusing, Vasquez’s creations ended up looking pretty creepy and disturbing according to some people.

“It’s so awesome seeing the reaction from fans and non-fans alike who express their love and disappointment of my renditions. I’m honestly overwhelmed by the amount of attention it has garnered. What was a simple fun Saturday sketch turned out viral in such an instant,” Vasquez wrote on his Instagram page.

Even though they may not be an epitome of beauty, Vasquez’s figures with all those fine details he added are definitely something different and exquisite.

Scroll down to see your childhood heroes brought to life.