Artist Creates Beautiful Ceramics With Miniature Faces On It

Los Angeles-based artist Rami Kim focuses her work primarily on sculptural and functional ceramic objects. She started a series of blob” sculptures, in which “Blobby” means birth: forming, reforming to exist, moving and growing.

Kim draws inspiration from nature, feelings, people and organic shapes. With her background in animation, her work is something whimsical and poetic.

“Having a background in animation, specifically stop motion animation, I’ve worked and played around a lot with clay and I started making these little figurines out of sculpey for fun, and ended up having an army of them,” she said in an interview with Echo Park Craft Fair. “That’s how I started doing what I do now, and I am happy about that. Of course, it is a hard work, but I feel strongly connected to clay and I feel like I have to keep working with hand.”

Kim uses techniques such as slab building, pinching, slip casting and coiling to produce her designs. Coiling is one of the most basic methods of building a form of clay. She uses this technique to create almost all of her sculptures.

Her designs include miniature 3D faces ranging from monochrome noses and lips to painted visages. Scroll down to see her latest creations.

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