Creative Artist Creates Crocheted Versions of Dogs

Who here can’t stand to be away from their canine buddies?

We all probably can’t.

Unfortunately, we can’t always be with them either. We have to go to work, or, at least, go outside to get some errands done, and we can’t exactly always take them with us.

A mother and pet owner, Rachel Holland came up with the next best thing by creating crocheted versions of pet dogs.

Using her creativity and artistic skills, Rachel creates crocheted versions of dogs of all sizes, and to no one’s surprise, it’s been a big hit so far, with her Instagram, The Faded Wildflower, boasting north of 4K followers as of this time of writing.

You may want to scroll down below to see her works for yourself.

Be warned, there’s a huge chance that you’ll want to order one for your own pet dog right away!